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Selling a Character!I want to sell a character! Here she is!

5$ / 500 :points:
If you are interested note me ^_^
Cheaper designs for sale:
> HERE <
[New FACEBOOK Page] Links and ContactsI have a new facebook page for romantic art, lolita fashion, paperdolls, printables...
Please, support me and like my page!
Suggestions are also welcome!
Like my page with your art page, too, so I can like yours!
Online Stores
:new: SOCIETY 6 :new:
Social Networks and other Websites

Open for CollaborationsI am looking for collaborations partners!
I can do:
* digital colouring
* traditional lineart (pigment liner)
* pencil sketch
If you are interested comment here or send me a note with:
° an example of your art
° an explanation of the project you have in mind
I draw:
Males, females, children...
Humans, kemonomimi, demons, furry...
Alternative fashions (lolita, mori, gothic, fairy kei...)
Fantasy, urban and sci-fi characters
'Ordinary' characters
Pin-ups and nudes
Mild gore, macabre, creepy themes
I don't draw:
Realistic backgrounds
'heavy' NSFW
Non-humanoid characters
If you are interested comment here or send me a note with:
° an example of your art
° a reference of the character you want me to draw
If you are a watcher or friend your partnership will be accepted for sure!!
Random Feature #6_____________________________________________________
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:iconrineri: Rineri

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:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

:pointr: Photo Edits / Photomanips / Lineart Coloring :pointl:

:pointr: Designs / Customization / dA Related :pointl:

:pointr: Drawings / Outfit Design / Adopts :pointl:

Cute Commissions [points and paypal] by Ninelyn
Semirealistic Commissions [points and paypal] by Ninelyn


50 points / 0,50$ each
Kokeshi Dolls Adoptables (3/3 Avaliable) by Ninelyn
Kokeshi Dolls Adoptables II (3/3 Avaliable) by Ninelyn

200 points / 2$ each
Mori Kei Girls - Adoptables (2/2 Avaliable) by NinelynDark Mori Kei Girls - Adoptables (2/2 Avaliable) by Ninelyn

300 points / 3$ each // Adopt Both for 500 points / 5$!!
Fairy Kei Kitties - Adoptables (2/2 Avaliable) by Ninelyn

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:bulletpink: FEATURES :bulletpink:

Winners Feature - Bubblegum's new outfit ContestCongratulations to the winners of Bubblegum's new outfit Contest by :iconminirou: Minirou!!!
1st place
:iconlilcocobear: lilCocoBear

2nd Place
:iconyuki0619: yuki0619

3rd Place
:iconmorgandesu: morgandesu

Photos that could be 'Fallout III' ScreenshotsThe journey begins...

Just ordinary and (hopefully) peaceful places...

Yay! Scavenging!

DC ruins... Aww! Look, a Supermutant is waving at me! So cute! Let's wave at him back with my Gauss Rifle!

Metro tunnels and sewers... so nice and colorful... And full of... well... life?

RobCo Industries: a peaceful and interesting place... More interesting than peaceful, actually...
Power Plant II by Nichofsky
corroded by Haszczu
Welcome to Point Lookout!
As The Sun Goes Down... by Cluke111
No, not really..

Spring and Flowers Feature

Spring, spring, spring like all the birds that sing...
Spring, spring, spring like all the flowers that bring...
T. Gummesson

Feature: Shoes, Socks and Stockings-----------------------------------------------

Shoes by loveelefrogs 128 by QueenSquidlet Shoes by Nathalia-Neglected choose your future by watermelon-scarf Candy Legs by lariencelebrindal stripes and pink by sataikasia Legs and Socks by Cute-And-Bright 90s Kid by Kezzi-Rose Creamy by andru89 happy feet by xmarvel Strawberries and Cream by lovely-roses Mary Jane by karinelips Red Shoes by Nezumi-chuu i didn't ask to be a princess by inessa-emilia Vintage Love by lucidreamer20 Vintage things by mstargazer garden girl by inessa-emilia have a naughty xmas by inessa-emilia  Black Shoes and Fishnets by MTL3  Lip Fetish by armene

Pastel Photography Contest - Winners FeatureCongratulations to the winners of the
Pastel Photography Contest by Jules1983



Spring of colors by XeniaChowaniec The falling beauty by XeniaChowaniec
by Ninelyn
In-Obscuro Halloween Contest Winners Feature:icontallouh: :iconwesley-souza: :iconsacm88:
Congratulations to the Winners of the Halloween Contest hosted by the group In-Obscuro!!
1st place - tallouh

Other works by tallouh

2nd place - Wesley-Souza

Other works by Wesley-Souza

3rd place - Sacm88


:iconsharing-and-caring: :iconphotography-earth:




Custom Kokeshi Adoptables
Custom Kokeshi - Commission Reminder by Ninelyn
Kokeshi Dolls Adoptables (3/3 Avaliable) by Ninelyn
Kokeshi Dolls Adoptables II (3/3 Avaliable) by Ninelyn
Custom Human/Anthro Adopts
Visual Kei Boy by Ninelyn
[for sale] Vampire Girl by Ninelyn
TV Head by Ninelyn

Human or Human-like character with Anthro/Demon features (tails, animal ears, horns...) - Coloured and shaded full-body figure with transparent background.

Simple accessories and misc objects can be added (color palettes, symbols, simple weapons & co...)

Note me the desired character's traits: Color Palette - Species - Gender - Wardrobe - Accessories - MakeUp - Body Shape - Peculiar Traits
Journal Skin
Cute Pink Cream Journal Skin by Ninelyn
Pastel Goth Journal Skin 01 by Ninelyn
Dark Lace Journal Skin by Ninelyn

Background + Header (custom graphics) + Journal CSS (Titles, Subtitles, Small Text, Blockquote, Custom Box, Feature Box, Links, Quick Links)


Ninelyn has started a donation pool!
50 / 1,000
:points: If you like my art, please donate some points! :points:
Thank you!

:heart: Donators and Generous Deviants :heart:

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I won't be at home for some days... I will be on deviantart anyways, but I won't be able to make art.

to :iconrise-of-majora: :iconorwellianentropy:
I won't be able to work at our art trades for a few days... when I come back I will start immediately ^_^


If you haven't yet, check my facebook page >>
I have a new facebook page for romantic art, lolita fashion, paperdolls, printables...

Please, support me and like my page!
Suggestions are also welcome!

Like my page with your art page, too, so I can like yours!


Online Stores

:new: SOCIETY 6 :new:


Social Networks and other Websites


:new: FACEBOOK :new:


EDIT: I need a few more votes! Please help!!


I need a name for my new OC, could you help me? :)

I opened a forum thread:…
You can comment here or there. If you have already voted, please don't comment twice! :)

Character reference:
New OC by Ninelyn
You can find his bio in the description.

I found a few fitting names, could you tell me which one you prefer? (or suggest me a new one...)

The names:

Thank you in advance!! :heart:

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.sacred dance II. by L1ly-R0s3 The Blue House.Burano by L1ly-R0s3 .memories. by L1ly-R0s3

:iconrineri: Rineri
.: SugarDream :. Custom for Sukibelle by Rineri Tea time~ by Rineri SugarDream bby~ by Rineri

:iconstormers-attitoons: STORMERS-ATTITOONS
A Prentis Christmas Part 1Prentis the Hedgehog Saves Christmas!
[In Downtown PlayStation City]
Prentis the Hedgehog: Merry Christmas! [they give him money] Bingo! All the money is mine! [his money got stolen] HEY!
Sitnerp the Hedgehog: [laughing]
Prentis: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the ghost of Christmas that keeps coming back! I am Prentis the Hedgehog! [he beats up Sitnerp] DON'T TOUCH MY MONEY!
Sitnerp: That Prentis is lucky. He always like Christmas. I hate Christmas. I'm sick of this.
[At home]
Prentis: Hi, mom.
Nicole the Hedgehog: Hi, Prentis.
Prentis: You'll be safe, moolah. Dear Prentis. You are invited to a Christmas party. YEAH!
[At night]
DJ Jack: Welcome to the Christmas Party!
Prentis: Yeah!
Johnnie J the Fox: This is fun!
Sitnerp: Hey there.
Prentis: Sitnerp?
Sitnerp: I'm going to accept the award.
Prentis: Go ahead.
Amber the HedgeFox: Is he crazy?
Prentis: I guess.
Sitnerp: Watch this. [he dances]  TA-DA!
Prentis: Watch this! [he dances] You like it?
DJ Jack: Here's the
Equestria Girls in PlayStation CityEquestria Girls in PlayStation City
[At Twilight's house]
Twilight Sparkle: Ah! It's done! My model of the Library is complete!
Spike: Twilight! I got some shocking news!
Twilight: What's wrong, Spike? You got fleas? You wet my bed? You're hungry?
Twilight: [gasps] Dazzlings? In PlayStation City? I don't think so! Girls! Come in!
Rainbow Dash: Sup, Twilight?
AppleJack: Howdy, Twilight.
Rarity: Hello, Twilight.
Pinkie Pie: Hi, Twilight!
FlutterShy: Um... hi, Twilight.
Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Twilight.
Twilight: The Dazzlings arrived in PlayStation City after days in prison. We need some professional help!
Prentis the Hedgehog: Hey you! You got a villain problem? Come on down and hire me! PlayStation City's best crime fighter! Meet me at the graveyard!
Twilight: Okay?
[At the graveyard]
Twilight: EW! A smelly diaper? [she puts a smelly diaper in a grave, awakening Prentis]
Prentis: YEA
Who is the Masked Magician?Prentis the Hedgehog: And now. Something very special.
Who is the Masked Magician?
[At Prentis' house]
Prentis: PJ!
Prentis Jr. the Hedgehog: Yes, daddy?
Prentis: Here's some pizza!
Prentis Jr.: Yay! [he eats some pizza]
Prentis: It's my homemade one.
Prentis Jr.: Cool.
Barry MeNot: We interrupt this father and son moment for a special news bulletin! Sitnerp the Hedgehog is robbing the bank!
Prentis: Oh boy! This looks like a job for Prentis the Hedgehog!
Prentis Jr.: Can I join you?
Prentis: Sure! Here's a costume! [he puts PJ in a costume]
Prentis Jr.: Yay!
Prentis: Let's get dangerous!
[At the bank]
Prentis: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the combination lock on the vaults of justice! I am... feeling really stupid! Boy I hate it when I'm late.
Prentis Jr.: It's okay, daddy.
Vector the Crocodile: Sorry, Prentis. Sitnerp is already defeated.
Prentis: By who?
Vector: I don't know. Go home now.
Prentis: Dang it.
Joshua the Hedgehog: I am the Masked Magician!
Gabby the Hed


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Teddy Bear by NogiSan Selfportrait by NataliaCiobanu Warm my Heart by xOronar Honey, you'll never grow old by Sarqq


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Flore Stag x Nalani Breedable by BlueEyedBeauty23 Hhmm.... by Frozen-Sanity AE -TopicalSauce by Eye-Candy-Maker A whale is fine, too by DeviBrigard Merry Christmas by TheStupidFox Fulmine Cypruses by Lumdrop Heaven and Earth by Bit-sinna Emergency Commissions (OPEN) by Heltinde Cutie Chibi Batch N0.1 by MewMowChan Christmas Angel Doodle by azuriin Ocelot WIP by wolfhappy Miriya by Huasal Evil Boy Genius by shindianaify

MemoriesThe first she heard of her mother's death was when her sister, Karen, telephoned her. Car crash, Karen had said brusquely, before hanging up.
Now, she watched as the flames ate hungrily through the walls of their childhood home. A broken match lay in the grass by her bare feet.
Ceyulean Incident Chapter 1Prologue | Next Chapter
The planet was a wide and vast utopia; everything was perfect.  The buildings gave off a shiny gleam as their structure was clean inside and out.  The loveliest of flowers that consisted of roses, daisies, daffodils, and just about all sorts grew in the green grass.  Near the center of the buildings was a tall citadel that seemed to touch the cloudless sky.
    The citadel was home to the ambassadors, Cron and Celeste as well as their two daughters.  The ambassadors were the only thing that came between their planet and all-out chaos between the other planets in their galaxy.  For many years, they managed to uphold peace and prosperity in their planet and among their citizens.
Daisy's StoryDisclaimer: Dragon Age: Origins and all it's characters are the intellectual property of Bioware/EA.
Contains NSFW/Dragon Age smut.
Pairing: it's complicated
"Anora, I need to speak with you," Daisy said as she opened the Queen's bedroom door.
"Yes, of course."  Anora sent the servants away and beckoned Daisy to sit beside her on the sofa in front of the fireplace.  "I assume you came to speak about the Landsmeet?"
Nodding, "I'm sure you're well aware of my relationship with Alistair.  You must also be aware he has a stronger claim to the throne than you do."  Before Anora could interrupt Daisy held up her hand, "I intend to make him King of Fereldan, but he has no experience or training for politics.  For this reason I want you to marry him, to remain Queen of Fereldan."
Anora looked genuinely surprised, "marry him?  I've been a widow only a year, and he is my late husband's brother.  He is also a Grey Warden, and if memory serves, you're not
Commissions Open:iconrequestfriendsonly::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconarttradesfriendsonly::icontradesask::iconkiribansask::iconnocollabs:
Commissions Open
:new:Nothing really new, just tidying up my journal, removing a couple things like Etsy store link and such. Listings expire in less than a month. No one is buying my jewelry right now, and hasn't for a few yrs now; was really hoping they would because I have missed making it. But it wasn't meant to be. If you want to commission me for anything, I'm wide open and have been for a while. As usual though, no one really likes 3d enough to pay for it. :( Some point, I may just removing everything and stop taking commissions, since no one is commissioning me anyways.
End Update
:star:3d artwork commissions journal can be found here.
:star:Journal with the other kinds of commissions I am currently accepting,
Emergency Sales Needed!I am down to my last months rent and am screwed for next month. Work has been dead lately and so I am liquidating all the stuff I can let go of thats not necessary for my art and craft. Please look at the list in the link.
If you prefer heres my Craigslist Listing
and if you could please spread the word on my situation. I am doing everything short of ebay which I know Ive lost money at. I am terrible at selling things and I know this but ill be damned if I give up. So if anyone can help or even make an offer on the higher priced things please do.
Thank you for any help you guys can provide.
Vincent Chiantelli
PS i also have an etsy page
Commission Info 2015 [open]

:star: update (03-01-2015) : Flat-colored option added.
Help me save up for:

(Goal Progress : $125 / $200)
:bulletgreen: Commission a certain few artists that I just adore :iconheplz:
:bulletgreen: Have some pocket money for college.
Every little bit counts.

:bulletpurple:STYLE 1:bulletpurple:
$1/100 :points: (per character)

:bulletpurple:STYLE 2:bulletpurple:
$0.50/60 [Points] (per character)


$1/100 [Points] (Bust, per character)
$2/180 [Points] (Half-body, per character)
$4/320[Points] (Full-body, +$2/160 [Points] per extra cha

:iconpkmn-steam: :iconaplacetobegin:


New OC by Ninelyn

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: SELLING A CHARACTER :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

5$ / 500 Points
[for sale] Vampire Girl by Ninelyn

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

:pointr: Photo Edits / Photomanips / Lineart Coloring :pointl:

:pointr: Designs / Customization / dA Related :pointl:

:pointr: Drawings / Outfit Design / Adopts :pointl:

Semirealistic Commissions [points and paypal] by Ninelyn
Cute Commissions [points and paypal] by Ninelyn


Ninelyn :heart:

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